Welcome San Diego Local 89 Laborers Union

The Laborers' Union Local 89 represents almost 3000 working men and women fighting for good wages and benefits, safer jobsites, more successful employers and having a strong voice that working people in San Diego and across North America!


Members of the Laborers' Union belong to one of the fastest-growing unions in North America. It is the purpose of the union to represent all members by providing each person with employment opportunities earning good wages and benefits, performing periodic visits to all jobsites for adequate safety & working conditions, and to take action on any items that are in the best interest of its members.


The mission of the Laborers' Union is implemented through nine regions, 55 district councils, and more than 500 local unions. Workers are members and leaders of local unions. Local unions join together in district councils, which are assisted by regional offices.


Members manage their own union, electing officers at all levels and participating in the day-to-day affairs of their local unions. Members set priorities for contracts and are the key in the Union's growth and success at increasing market share.




  • Laborers build everything from skyscrapers to tunnels!
  • Laborers make buildings safe by removing hazardous materials such as asbestos and lead!
  • Laborers provide administrative support to students and faculty at colleges and universities!
  • Laborers are employed in manufacturing, home improvement, maintenance and other core industrial jobs!
  • All of us together, as Laborers, unite for an influential voice, earning the respect we deserve in important political issues!



  • Respect
  • Better pay
  • Access to health care
  • Secure pensions
  • Marketable training
  • Sustainable career path